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Ensuring security of one's property is one of the prime concerns of homeowners when deliberating upon the property. While the first thing that comes to mind in terms of security is locks and keys, enhancing their quality is a major challenge. Locks and keys have been used for centuries to safeguard our prized possessions like homes, cars, warehouses, etc. and keeping them in prime condition should be our top priority. But how do you find the right company to do that in Gaithersburg? It’s quite simple. Just pick up your phone and contact Gaithersburg Locksmith Service. Gaithersburg Locksmith Service is the leading locksmith in Gaithersburg MD, having decades of experience in providing the best quality service. Our team of well-equipped professionals ensure that we provide service with utmost precision, no matter how magnanimous the task is, making us the leading locksmith in Gaithersburg. On the other hand, while some businesses provide these services at a premium cost, their quality of service is insignificant in front of Gaithersburg Locksmith Service. Our standard is the most reliable, affordable and comprehensive since we are a commercial, emergency, residential and automotive locksmith in Gaithersburg MD. Due to our incredible past record, you will hear nothing but praises from our clients - other businesses and homeowners in Gaithersburg.

Give us a call on 301-969-3107 and our experts will be there assisting you in no time.

Why Gaithersburg Locksmith Service?

Understanding the requirements of the customers, we deliver tailored solutions which ensure that our services are unmatched. In doing so we have built a reputation in and around Gaithersburg making us the best locksmith in Gaithersburg MD. Our quality is such that word of mouth plays a great role in our promotion and most of our service requests are from the recommendations of our satisfied customers.

Our experts are adept at handling various kinds of the request be it commercial, residential, automotive or emergency services. We provide round the clock services, 7-days a week so that in case of any emergency our customers can contact us for immediate assistance.


Gaithersburg Locksmith Service was established after we realized that there weren’t any affordable locksmiths in Gaithersburg MD. The competitors were promising a lot of services, but when the time came to deliver on those promises, they failed. That was a major reason why our establishment became successful in Maryland and it is because we had an understanding of what the community required - affordability, timely service and quality. It’s the focus on this that helped us in excelling at our services.


24/7 Emergency locksmith services

Finding a service as accurate as you want it to be can be a challenge in Gaithersburg, but not with us around. We have our locksmiths at your service 24/7. Be it in case of a lockout or broken door lock, whatever the scenario, we can be reached at the push of a few buttons. You can escape any situation by calling 301-969-3107 and our team will be at your immediate assistance. The best part is that we don’t charge anything extra for our emergency services.

Automotive locksmith services:

Jamming the lock of the trunk or locking the key inside the car may seem like unusual situations but when they do occur, people tend to be dumbstruck. In majority of the situations, people do not carry a spare key with them and getting one from home is another challenge altogether. This is when our expertise comes in handy. Our quick response team of locksmiths are on the road to assist you and can reach anywhere in and around Gaithersburg within the span of an hour. Our team arrives with state of the art tools and can solve any problem you’re facing. As your trusted service providers, we assist in key cutting, during car lockout or in requirement of transponder key programming. As your trusted automotive locksmith Gaithersburg we do it all.

Residential locksmith services:

We do tend to realize that the quality of locks and keys at our homes may depreciate over time. A lock looking perfectly fine from outside may be worn out from the inside. You might not realize this until one fine day you face a lockout situation after returning from a long day’s work because the lock has jammed shut. This is when Gaithersburg Locksmith Service comes to your rescue. We will not only assist you in getting out from the lockout situation, but will do it with such precision that there will be no damage caused to your locks. Along with this, we shall provide you with some tips on how you can prevent such situations in the future.

Commercial locksmith services:

A business takes a determined effort to grow. For business owners, protecting their property is of great importance since a small lapse in security can cause significant losses to the business. That is why Gaithersburg Locksmith Service provides an all-inclusive range of commercial locksmith services to ensure that the business owners in the state of Gaithersburg can sleep peacefully knowing that their prized possessions are completely safe.


We work in various ways ranging from emergency services to routine inspections of properties depending on the requirements of our clients. Our team of experts are equipped with the finest line of equipment and always ready to conquer new challenges.


While you may find hundreds of locksmiths enlisted in and around Gaithersburg, there are sufficient reasons why should you choose Gaithersburg Locksmith Service over the rest. Firstly, our team of well-trained professionals can resolve issues related locks and keys that may arise. Second, we take the least time to resolve the issues and ensure that we do not leave any stone unturned in satisfying our customers. We are thoroughly committed to providing quality service which makes our customers come back to us for any assistance required in the future.

Assured Cheapest Prices:

While we are called in cases of major emergencies, unlike our competitors, we don’t believe in deceiving our customers during such stressful times. We provide quality services and do not even charge anything extra, when called at odd hours. For regular services, our prices are the best and most affordable in the state of Gaithersburg.

Our Team:

Creating a team of well-trained experts who share the same vision of error-free customer service is not an easy task. However, Gaithersburg Locksmith Service considers itself quite fortunate to have on board, some of the most talented professionals in the industry who share a common goal of maximizing customer satisfaction. Our locksmiths not only have years of experience but are also up to date with the latest technology in the industry. We conduct monthly workshops to ensure that if they encounter any new lock type in the field, they are always prepared.

Fastest On The Block:

We claim that we provide the fastest assistance in case of emergency, and that statement is backed with evidence. We have received tons of positive feedback from our first-time customers who had called us without expecting much in terms of urgency but were surprised by our quick response. Not only do our old customers call us time and again because of our fast and reliable service, they also recommend us to their friends and family. Gaithersburg Locksmith Service’s super-fast and fully-stocked mobile vans are always on the road, ready to assist you immediately in case of emergencies. This enables us to cover every nook and corner of the state, making us the best locksmith in Gaithersburg MD.


You can get in touch with us on 301-969-3107 during any time of the day, 365-days a year. Gaithersburg Locksmith Service’s representatives will assist you through any problems that you might face, providing solutions that meet your requirements and your budget.

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